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Your friendly
carpet cleaning experts
Serving Central Arkansas Since 1991

In business since 1991 with the highest certified technicians in Arkansas. We are a family oriented business with a focus on customer service, and strive to put a smile on your face. We offer Carpet & Rug Cleaning (with specialty in odor control and pet treatments), Grout & Tile Cleaning, Wood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing, Upholstery Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Power Washing, Emergency Water Extraction & Structural Drying, Mold Air Quality Testing & Consulting, Mold Remediation & Treating, Sanitation & Deodorizing. We offer both commercial and residential cleaning.

We are unique from our competitors in many ways. Two of the most important being quality and customer service

  1. Quality: When choosing a service professional for any of the services we provide, you want peace of mind that not only will the job be done, but also that the job will be done right. On this concern, you can feel confident that Desert Rose will leave you completely satisfied upon work completion. Not only do we have the most powerful equipment around with the latest technological advances, but our technicians are also highly trained individuals that have been well educated in the proper techniques and know how of the industry. That combined with our over 20 years of experience in the industry  ensures quality to its highest potential.

  2. Customer Service: To us, customer service should be more than just how the technicians treat you during your service. It begins with your first call to our business line, where you will be greeted by one of the owners or senior staff who have an abundance of knowledge to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the service you are requesting. Customer service continues with a courtesy text or email the day before your scheduled visit, reminding you of your appointment.  On the day of your visit we strive to keep providing you with oustanding customer service by our knowledgeable technicians that will make you their priority. They will be courteous and kind while they take care of your needs and ensure satisfaction. Our techinicians are not merely hourly paid employees rushing to get the job done so they can go home, but rather their pay is directly affected by your satisfaction and desire to be a repeat customer. Therefore our teams go above and beyond to achieve complete satisfaciction at every job.  After our work is completed, our job is not done however. We follow up a few days afterwards with each and every one of our customers to make sure they were as happy and pleased as we hoped they were, and see how we can continue to make them happy in the future. A few of our programs that hilight our dedication to customer service include our courtesy call back program and referral program.


Desert Rose is a locally owned small family business, therefore we  will provide you with the type of one on one attention and knowhow of your community you desire. When choosing someone to clean your home... Choose local. Choose your community.

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