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Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning

We pride ourselves on offering quality, affordable, and courteous carpet cleaning services for your home. Our seasoned carpet cleaning teams have the skills, technology and experience to make your carpet as clean as it could be. Our carpet cleaners are trained in complete carpet care, the chemistry of spot and stain removal, and keep up-to-date on manufacturer cleaning recommendations.


Stress Free Carpet Cleaning experience.  

Our Certified Technicians will arrive at  your home on time, in uniform and greet you with a smile. 

Having service  people in your home shouldn’t be stressful and our goal is to make your  experience an enjoyable one. Our technicians will measure and  review the areas (whole rooms, traffic areas or a combination) you would like  cleaned, noting heavily soiled traffic patterns, spots or odors you may have  particular concerns with. We then begin by pre-treating heavily soiled areas and spots  to loosen tough ground in soil. To provide the most thorough carpet cleaning possible we use a fabric rinse during the extraction process to neutralize the  pre-spray, remove the soil and any residue from previous cleanings. Your carpet is left feeling soft, smelling fresh and deep down clean! Powerful duel blower vac system ensure super fast drying time. Many carpets dry in as little as 4 hours.

Additional Services


Scotchguard is a carpet protector that comes on your carpet when you buy it. It’s not only recommended, but is now required by the carpet manufacturers to get reapplied on a yearly basis (12-14 months) to prevent voiding your warranty. Scotchguard is not just an add on that someone came up with (like applying armorall to your tires). Since it actually comes on your carpet when you buy it, it’s similar to the wax that comes on your car when you buy it, but is necessary to reapply every so often for maintenance and protection of the paint on your car. Scotchguard is the same to your carpet as your wax is to your car. The two main key benefits to scotch guard are 1) Makes the carpet last longer, and 2) Prevents dirt and stains from sticking to the carpet by allowing the vacuum to pull off dirt more easily, and for the stains not to absorb as far into the fibers so they can be easily cleaned up. One of our customers who reapplied her scotchguard the last time we serviced her, told us at her next yearly cleaning when asked if she wanted to add scotchguard again, “I’m not so sure it helps. I still have spots on my carpet… see that big stain from the coffee I spilled, and that big stain from the coke I spilled over there?” To which we has to explain to her, “Well ma’am, it’s not a magic fix that will prevent any stains from ever occurring. But we can show you how easily the stains will come out of your fibers and return your carpet back to its beautiful white color.” After we demonstrated how easily the stains were able to steam clean out, we were pretty confident that she now understood the importance of scotchguard. “See how easily that spot came up? Those spots would not have come out as easily if you hadn’t re applied your scotchguard last cleaning.” Customer has re applied her scotchguard every cleaning since then.



Another add on we offer is deodorizer. If you are moving in/moving out of a home, have kids, or especially if you have pets, you should consider deodorizer. Just cleaning the carpet will leave it with a neutral smell. But by applying deodorizer it will leave a wonderful citrus smell. This add on is a deodorizer so it will kill odors as well.

Flood Extraction & Urine Removal

"Puppy dog treatment" 


Something that sets us apart from our competitors is Desert Rose uses The Water Claw FlashSpotter to remove the spots most carpet cleaning companies can't remove. The FlashSpotter is ideal for dealing with pet urine, large liquid spills, soap residues, food spills and more. It allows for sub-surface extraction from the carpet pad up, which enables us to take complete advantage of powder oxidizing pet odor and stain treatment. We have a few illustrations of this process below.











A normal professional carpet cleaning will only clean the carpet and not the backing or padding. Therefore it only removes about 50% and during the drying process the moisture will evaporate causing what we call in the industry “wicking” of the spot back to the surface. So it is not uncommon for this to happen with not only urine stains but also spills and drinks. Berber or Olefin fiber is the worst for spots to “wick” or resurface due to the nature of the fiber.















There are 4 key steps for proper urine treatments.

Step one- Carpet and pad are saturated with an Eco-Friendly cleaner, deodorizer and enzyme solution.

Step two- Sub surface extraction is performed.

Step three- Carpet and pad are saturated with rinse solution.

Step four- Sub surface extraction is performed.

Why steam cleaning is more sanitary than other methods

Steam cleaning carpet is the leading alternative to the old 'shampoo method'. As indicated by the EPA, the typical person can be found inside of their home or office space at least 90 percent of their time. Therefore it is imperative that harmful pollutants are removed regularly. While there are numerous techniques to utilize when removing dirt and allergens, they don't always yield the same results. The consumer will benefit more greatly when hot water and steam are employed. Steam cleaning carpet utilizes equipment that shoots hot water into the fibers to remove the debris build-up. This heated application helps to reduce any bacteria, germs, mites and other toxins that are present. The level of moisture applied can be easily controlled depending upon the surface that is worked upon in order to not damage the underlying material. The excess water along with the dislodged dirt is then eliminated utilizing the suction component of the equipment. The depth with which this method treats not only  reduces harmful allergens, it will greatly improve the overall appearance and lifespan of the carpeting as well. An added benefit to steam cleaning carpet is the minimization of chemicals present during the process. Also, there is a  less chance of harmful residues contaminating the indoor environment, which allows the air to remain healthy and clean for those within the space.


If we can't get it out, no one can

There is alot of difference between carpet cleaning companies. Anyone can pull a wand across the carpet, but that's not all it takes to clean carpet. As a matter of fact, you could probably rent a rug doctor from Wal Mart and get a lot of dirt out of your carpet. But, there is a big difference between a rug doctor and our competitors. And then, there is an even bigger difference between our competitors and us. We have cleaned a lot of carpet behind other carpet cleaning companies, and our customers were amazed at how much cleaner we got it. Not to mention dissappointed at how much dirt and stains our competitors left behind. When asked, "do you guarantee you can get all the stains out?" I replied, "I guarantee if we can't get it out, nobody can." We look forward to showing you the difference between dragging a wand across dirty carpet and throughly cleaning your carpet.


One time while training a new technician (who used to work for one of our competitors) to be an assistant on one of our trucks, I took him to a very dirty and stained rent house to clean. After we thoroughly pre sprayed and pre agitated, cleaned across it twice, used spotters on the stains, and then cleaned again: the carpet came out looking near new and spot spree. This result was to the training technicians amazement because he said "Wow, that's amazing. We never got it this clean at my last job."

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Customer Satisfaction guarantee


Desert Rose Carpet Cleaning offers a no-hassle 7-day guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will gladly come out and re-clean any area you are not happy with. At Desert Rose we strive to exceed customers expectations and satisfaction levels, therefore we call back each and everyone one of our customers a few days after their cleaning to ensure their complete satisfaction.






Commercial Cleaning


The same great service you have come to know and trust for your home is now available for your office, business, and retail locations! At Desert Rose, we know that the way your business looks can directly affect your success. Unsightly soiled carpets with dirt, stains or spills are not a good first impression. Fortunately, all those issues can be eliminated in one fast, effective visit from Desert Rose carpet cleaning.


Our commercial carpet cleaning services use the same deep-cleaning technique with some of the hottest trucks and best cleaning solutions available to get the same great results we produce in our customers' homes. In addition, we specialize in making high-traffic commercial carpet look like new again by offering a pre agitation scrubbing service to break up the heavy dirts and greases before they're steam cleaned. Desert Rose's commercial carpet cleaning offers a quick way to give your business a much-needed makeover without going over your budget. Call Desert Rose to find out more about our commercial carpet cleaning services today!

Upholstery Cleaning










With the same powerful hot water steam equipment we use to clean carpet, we can also steam clean your upholstery. Furniture can retain hair and body oils, not to mention spills and every day dirt, so regular professional cleanings are highly important, just as much so as the maintenance and cleaning of your floors.

Upholstery Cleaning

Above is a video from the manufacturer demonstrating the Water Claw for Flood Extraction & Urine Removal

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