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  • Robin De Rossitte


Choosing a carpet cleaning company can be similar to the feat of trying to choose a new shampoo or similar beauty product. "Paraben free", "a specifically formulated to restore dry brittle hair", argon oil vs. Moroccan oil, clarifying or charcoal.... The choices are virtually endless, with each product boasting itself to be the best. This leaves most consumers making a choice out of frustration, and never truly knowing if the product they purchased was what they actually needed. When trying to find a carpet cleaner for the first time, it can feel eerily like trying to select the 'perfect shampoo':  too many choices being offered, lots of claims being made, and no real sense of direction of how to make the best choice. Good news! Now you have a guide that can help you choose the right carpet cleaning company, that will get the job done. These three questions will greatly aid you to successfully find a carpet cleaning company that will deliver great results, without the headache!

  1. Are they an IICRC certified firm?

  2. Are the technicians cleaning your home certified or just senior management

  3. What's the highest level of certification senior management or ownership has obtained?

WHY IICRC CERTIFIED? Cleaning of carpet, upholstery and area rugs takes a special level of expertise, education and experience. This isn’t something that a trainee can learn overnight or in a matter of a couple of weeks and then be ready to fly solo while experimenting in your home. This is where IICRC certification is key! IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is a non-profit organization that sets the standards for the cleaning and restoration industry. It is recognized internationally as being the leading expert in the latest changes and technology in the field. In order to become IICRC certified, a company must meet the following requirements:

  • Must present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with integrity and honesty.

  • A technician on jobs must be formally trained and have passed all certification tests

  • Continuing education credits must be maintained each year to keep up on the latest industry changes

  • Liability insurance must be maintained to protect all parties

  • Agree to Better Business Bureau or similar service to resolve disputes and accept recommendations from arbitration.

WHAT EXACTLY DOES IT MEAN BY IICRC SETS THE INDUSTRIES "STANDARDS?"   The standards establish best practices and common terminology for the cleaning and restoration industry. The standards recommend procedures and provide resource information for everything from carpet cleaning to water damage restoration and more. Based on science and experience, these standards help improve safety and health conditions for technicians and customers, while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the industry.


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