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Keep the Spring in Your Step–Ditch the dirt at the door

After a long, cold winter, everyone is looking forward to playing outside in the fresh Spring weather. Spring is a wonderful time of year! There's no doubt why people spend more time in the great outdoors than they do during the winter months, because during Spring, flowers are blooming, the air just feels fresh– Spring Fever is in the air everywhere! With Winter slowly slithering away, families can once again look forward to taking their children to the park to play. After months of being crunched up with cabin fever, many will make the ‘good old outdoors’ their best friend once more as they head out on hikes, have picnics in the park, and peacefully sit amongst chirping crickets while stargazing on their lawn.

What’s the hitch? All of this outdoor activity most likely also means mounds of dirt making its way into your house and onto your floors. The upside is that there are several steps you can take in order to have your Spring cake and eat it too. Let us tell you how to still enjoy the fresh Spring air while completely keeping the dirt outside so that your carpet cleaning stays manageable.

Shoes? Should they Stay or Should they Go?

The Big Kahuna in charge of bringing grease, grime, and gross stuff into your clean house from the outside world is your shoes. Whether you’ve been puttering around in your garden, or your kids have been rolling around in the grass while having fun playing outside with their pals, chances are that you’ll have a lot of dirty shoes strutting their stuff inside the house during the Spring.

Unlike those brought up in Asia, it’s not always been part of our culture in the west to ditch our shoes at the door, but maybe it’s high-time we rethink this age-old-habit. Sure, there is a positive side to leaving our ruby slippers on as we parade around our houses in comfort, but is it really worth the price we’ll pay for leaving them on? The truth of the matter is that there are many sensible reasons that you should slip off your shoes when you reach your door. I don’t know about you, but one of those reasons is definitely an in-house shoe breaker–Poop!

So, instead of letting everyone track dirt, germs and other unhealthy, really gross yucky stuff onto your floors and carpets, why not create a primary place where everyone can ditch their dirty shoes at the door. This will drastically cut down on the dirt creeping into your house and keep the nasty culprits restrained near the entrance, so that you and your family can enter guilt free and not have to spend unnecessary minutes cleaning off shoes.

The truth of the matter is, that when your family and friends forgo wearing their shoes in the house, your home-life and carpet cleaning maintenance will automatically become much easier!

Hook up to the Hose

Take advantage of an outside hose, if you have one. Having a hose on hand can help everyone keep their feet in check before coming inside. From spring planting, picnics at the part, walks around the neighborhood, to muddy days spent at the soccer field, it’s amazing just how filthy our feet get!

By having a hose handy, you can easily wash away all any filth before even one muddy foot takes a step into your house. Using this foot washing method, in combination with having an easy-to-use place to stash your shoes, like a shoe rack or shoe closet at the door, will drastically curtail your carpet cleaning duties.

Now, keep in mind that if your kids are like mine, they may sometimes get a bit carried away when playing with water, so the next tip is probably going to be key to keeping your floors safe and clean!

A Towel a Day, Keeps the Mop Away and the Accidents at Bay!

An out of control hose is not the only water culprit to consider, there’s also the fun-filled days spent in swimming and of course sudden downpoursep in mind–no one wants wet, slippery floors! So, why not save your floors and your peace of mind,by always having towels happily hanging around the door waiting to greet all wet feet and bodies? Having towels close at hand will save you tons of clean-up, plus they are always great to have around in a pinch.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to use fancy towels; this is a great green opportunity to reuse those old one’s that you might have otherwise thrown out. Quality isn’t key here, any old or worn out towel will do the trick, so save the best for your guests and put your rags to the test of helping you keep your floors safe and clean for all who enter.

Trust me, you don’t want water dripping onto your ceramic tile or your hardwood floors and putting anyone in a slippery situation. Besides, wet carpet can cause problems that you definitely want to avoid. Let's imagine for a moment that your carpet has gotten wet, and your nose starts picking-up whiffs of moldy smells, or you begin to notice itchy eyes popping up around the house, that means that there is probably mold growth taking place somewhere, which means that there is still moisture that needs to be dealt with. In this case, give us a call. We’d be happy to come out and inspect your carpet immediately to prevent permanent damage caused by mold growth.

We’re Only One Call Away

Remember, it’s our job as trained professionals, to help you take care of your floors and keep them in tip-top condition. We like to think of it as a partnership. Weekly maintenance and tending to the upkeep of your floors should be an important part of your weekly housework routine. However, over time, especially during times of the year when your household sees more traffic, you will most likely notice dirty floors can become a bit overwhelming–remember, we are only one call away! Also, keep in mind that sometimes, even though it looks clean, it isn’t. So, having your carpets professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months can not only extend the life of your carpet, but help to keep your family healthy too.

The good news is that it’s easy to get help with professional carpet and floor cleaning, so when you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t stress and let the pros handle it. Desert Rose will always provide you with family quality clean floors!

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