Grout & Tile Cleaning

Grout & Tile Cleaning


Our grout & tile professional cleaning service will leave your floors looking like new by pressure washing the grime and dirt out of your tile and porous grout lines that at home cleaning tools are unable to achieve.

Wood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing

Wood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing


Return the luster and shine back to your wood floors. Our trained professionals will clean, neutralize, and re polyurethane your wood floors in either a high gloss or satin finish that will leave your floors looking like new again.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning


We have some of the best and most powerful truck mounted steam cleaning machines, as well as highly trained technicians, that will astound you with how clean we can get your carpets. We guarantee if we can't get it out, nobody can.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning


We understand that the appearance of your business is imperative, and we treat it as such. We service some of the biggest commericial accounts in the area, and will provide your business with a professional service that guarantees  satisfaction.

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning


We offer several different options for rug cleaning. Whether you have pet urine stains, odor issues, or just in need of a surface cleaning, we have a cleaning option that will work for your needs.

Upholstery Cleaning


With the same powerful hot water steam equipment we use to clean carpet, we can also steam clean your upholstery. Furniture can retain hair and body oils, not to mention spills and every day dirt, so regular professional cleanings are highly important, just as much so as the maintenance and cleaning of your floors.

Mold Testing & Remediation

Mold Testing & Remediation


If you're concerned about the quality of air you're breathing, or think you may have mold but are unsure we can do an air quality sample test and have an answer for you in two days. But, if you know you have a mold issue and need it cleaned up we can take care of your full remediation needs.

Water Extraction & Structural Drying

Water Extraction &

Structural Drying


Life happens. When it comes to water damage or flooding, don't wait or hesitate to contact a service professional right away. We have a masters in the science of water extraction and structural drying, and with our innovative equipment we will return you to a pre loss state and a piece of mind  as quickly as possible.

Commercial & Residential Power Washing

Commercial & Residential

Power Washing


We can make sidewalks and drive ways look like new again, and also remove discoloration or mildew from your siding or brick on residential homes or commercial buildings.

Commercial Restroom Deoderizing & Sanitizing


We offer an air freshner rental service for commercial restrooms. We also offer a sanitizing service for fixtures in those commercial restrooms. These services will leave your businesses restroom looking good and smelling great.

Additional Services

Air Duct Cleaning


If you see dust build up on your ceiling fans and dust in the sunshine coming through your window, or if someone in your family is suffering with dust allergies then a professional air duct cleaning may be needed. Over time, dust can get past your air filter and will start building up inside your air ducts, and this will need to be professionally cleaned in order to remove. 


This type of service is normally needed every 5 years in a residential home, but can be necessary more often with the presence of dander shedding pets. 

Carpet Stretching


From time to time carpet can become loose or wavy and needs to be restretched or tighted up. This is an area we may be able to help. Call to ask for more details on this service.



Auto Interior Upholstery Cleaning


Occasionally a few of our good customers have asked us if we could help their automobile carpet (as well as upholstery) look as good as their residential carpet. So we try to accomodate whenever the need arises in this area as well.



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