Water Restoration, Extraction & Structural Drying

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Sensitive moisture meters detect trapped and hidden moisture in and below the surface of building materials of your home. Hidden and trapped moisture, if not discovered and promptly dried, is what causes most of the damage in a water damaged building.

In all water losses, a thermal hygrometer is used to monitor temperature and relative humidity. This allows the water damage technicians to monitor the amount of moisture in the air and adjust drying equipment accordingly. This practice is called "psychometry".

Water damage is a very real and scary thing. Minutes matter, that's why it's very important at the first sign on water damage to call a service professional. Don't let the image above happen to you, and if it already has, or you're concerned that mold may have already started to germinate we also do professional mold testing and remediation. At Desert Rose we are the highest certified company in Arkansas for water extraction, restoration, and structural drying. Our company has a master certification from the IICRC in water restoration, which means that you can trust us to return your home to pre loss conditions in the shortest time possible. We also have some of the best and most up to date equipment in the industry to ensure a thoroughly dried structure. When your home is under water, don't just lay around waiting to drown- call the experts at Desert Rose to get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can get back to every day life. 

If water damage or flooding has occurred in your home or business, don't hesitate to call a water damage / flood damage professional. In a water damaged environment, time is of the essence. Mold can begin to germinate, given the right conditions: spores, food source, moisture, temperature, etc., within 48-72 hours, if it's environment is not altered, i.e. the introduction of dry, warm, rapidly moving air flow, and if necessary an anti-microbial.  Carpet can delaminate, padding can become odorous, wood floors can warp cup and peak, door frames can swell to the point of not closing, baseboards can swell and become unsightly, ceilings can collapse or become water stained, drywall (sheetrock) can lose it's integrity, sub-flooring can warp or swell, the list goes on and on. That is why it is important to contact a professional drying service as soon as possible following the discovery of water, flood or sewage damage to your house or building. 

A non penetrating moisture meter is used whenever possible, but in some instances a penetrating moisture meter may be necessary to detect the moisture in the material to achieve a proper ending moisture content.

Does Insurance Cover Water Damage?


As long as negligence or flooding are not related to your water damage problem your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover the damages, and at Desert Rose, our water damage technicians will even assist you in filing your claim. We have over 20  years of experience in working with insurance companies, and in that time we’ve learned the industry inside and out. We know knowledge is power, so we often refer customers to the Insurance Information Institute so that they can learn more about coverage and supplemental policies available in their area. We also strive to provide the best maintenance help in the business, from cleaning out gutters and downspouts to checking old pipes, in order to avoid easily prevented water losses, because we truly care about you and your pocketbook. When it comes to protecting your home you deserve the best water damage company on your side. Everything to ensure a smooth process (start to finish), from water restoration to asssistance with insurance coverage, that is what Desert Rose provides. So if a water emergency has brought you to us today go ahead an give our drying experts a call!

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